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Secrets of Success III: From Epic Dreams to Reality


The date is July 2011 and I am attending the Aspen Global Leadership Network ACT II meeting of fellows that takes place once every two years in the small picturesque town of Aspen, located in the great Colorado mountains. It’s ¬†been a lovely day of deep thought, discussion and debate and I arrive at my ¬†afternoon session early, looking forward to much more of the same. I notice and greet the pleasant unassuming man quietly seated in the room. As we start to chat while others trickle in, I get to understand his remarkable story… Continue reading →

Secrets of Success II: Epic Dreams and Lessons From Moby Dick

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Have you ever had a brilliant idea? A wonderful thought of a stunning possibility? Then, you catch that thought in a net, chide yourself for even thinking it was possible, and pack it away never to release it again? Or perhaps as a young child you had a great passion and and a great ambition to go with it. But people told you, “It will never happen, why cheat yourself?” They said, “You are dreaming, this is the real world!” …and with all this your inner voice whispered, “How silly of me, I should just let go, after all, it will never happen.” Continue reading →

Secrets of Success I: Cutting the Cord

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Birds of a feather flock together, this old adage was drummed into me by my parents when I was a teenager to emphasize the fact that I needed to surround myself with hard working, determined, focused and accomplished people as that is what I sought to be. The truth is, this applies to everyone who seeks success, irrespective of age. For instance, the insight and knowledge I gain from being an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow is priceless and all my colleagues from across Africa have enriched my understanding of the continent and it’s challenges way beyond my expectations. I am so thankful to all those in my life who add knowledge to me, to those who challenge and stretch me, indeed they become a critical part of the journey towards achievement, or what some would call success. Continue reading →


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As I write this I am seated in a boardroom at the Egrove Campus of Oxford University refining a presentation on Africa scenarios… But I simply cannot stop thinking about one of my great loves, a beautiful nation called Kenya. Continue reading →

Kenya Kwanza


It had been a fairly quiet morning, an excellent setting for intense work on my MBA thesis titled The Crippling Burden of Sovereign Debt. As I always did when working or studying, I had the television on with the volume turned down slightly. Sitting on the living room carpet, legs crossed, surrounded by numerous open books and reports, my research papers all over the place and with a strong, sweet mug of piping hot black coffee in my hand I heard the Continue reading →

Colour Coding in Coventry: Part 2


His fist was fast approaching my face, his eyes filled with hate and his face twisted with anger. On a chilly but sunny April afternoon in Coventry I was about to be attacked by a stranger simply for the colour of my skin. At that moment, my eyes welling up with tears, I asked the simplest question, Continue reading →

Colour Coding in Coventry: Part 1

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I must admit, I never did like Coventry.

After completing my O Levels I opted to take a one year pre university course in Law as opposed to doing 2 years of A levels. I applied to several universities in the UK and I was particularly excited when I received an acceptance letter from Warwick University, an institution with an excellent reputation. Interestingly that is where our Finance Minister at the time, the late Professor George Saitoti, got his PHD, not to mention the fact that I had close friends at Warwick. And so my fate was sealed, I was headed to Coventry in the Midlands. Continue reading →

Seasons: Part 2 – Purgatory

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In university I took on several jobs to help ease the financial burden on my parents. During my Law degree at the University of Wales, Cardiff, I was a Student Warden at my hall of residence and I had various jobs at the students union.

Continue reading →

Seasons: Part 1 – The Trek


I secured my first job just a few months out of high school. I had some time before I was due at university and I heard that the International Committee of the Red Cross was hiring clerks for a big project. I offered my services as a volunteer and after stubbornly sitting at their reception on Dennis Pritt Road in Nairobi every morning for weeks, I finally got a position. Continue reading →

A Stone House


There once was a child who pondered upon life.

The child thought it would be wise to build a house. With hard work, slowly and painstakingly, the child started to build. Continue reading →