A Stone House


There once was a child who pondered upon life.

The child thought it would be wise to build a house. With hard work, slowly and painstakingly, the child started to build.

Some people were happy and offered encouragement.

Others did not notice and went on with life.

Some were not happy. They picked stones and threw them at the child and the house.

But the child was building a house of stone.


Whatever you are building, you will have supporters, those who are indifferent, and detractors. Ensure you build with stone.

Love, light and blessings!

Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist

10 Comments on "A Stone House"

  1. Change the way you light up you house and space…… Checkout Solatube on my website.

  2. Kisenya says:

    This is inspiring Madam Julie. Your messages have been of comfort to me,i have learned and gained alot from them. You are of great importance in peoples life. You inspire me Jullie. Thanks!

  3. Rose Muthoni says:

    hi Julie. Am a journalism graduate tryin to get into the media industry. at the same time am a first time mum to an 11 month baby gal. I have two passions, to gv my baby the best life possible n to join the media so I can fight maternal mortality. U r my role model in both aspects of life- motherhud n career. My question is, how do u balance mathahud n a media career? thank u so much

  4. Dave mwadime says:

    A discouragement from some folks is a blessing in disguise…one should not give up just becoz’ Tom or Mary says otherwise!

  5. George Gitonga says:

    U r a blessed woman. Keep it up n God bless u big.

  6. Gabriel Ogweno says:

    There are always obstacles in almost everything that we do so pple need courage and determinations

  7. Joyce says:

    This is so true about life. For what ever you do, you have detractors and supporters, but the important thing is to remain focus and once you do that you will surely achieve your goal.

  8. As you build with stone may scrutiny in the type of stone thrown be of importance, to ensure the stability of the ‘structure’

  9. LEAH NDINDA says:


  10. fyjah says:

    simple logic. sweet n inspiring!

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