Choosing the Light


Easter is an important time to take stock of our lives, our values and our purpose. For me Easter is a particularly powerful time as I reflect on the suffering of my Lord Jesus Christ, and His great sacrifice to wipe away our sins. I think about the people who scorned and rejected Him, the people who crucified Him. They must have been filled with such hate.

It is a sad fact that there will always be hateful people around us, just as it is a fact that people with genuine goodwill also exist. Even at the beginning of time, according to the book of Genesis, Kane was jealous of his brother Abel. So much so he killed his own brother. When asked where his brother was by the Lord he retorted, “Am I my brothers keeper?”

There will always be people who choose to hate others based on various things including race, religion, sex and even tribe. They may choose to hate others based on how they live their lives and what they stand for. And yet the Bible tells us that the greatest commandment of all is to LOVE. Sounds easy, but in practice it seems far more difficult, and the mind finds all kinds of reasons to justify placing hate above love.

Let us take a moment to look at ethnic hate. If racism is wrong then tribalism is just as wrong, but while we abhor racism here in Kenya, we choose to embrace tribalism. Adolf Hitler was a truly disturbed and evil man, yet with his charisma and due to difficult economic and social times, he was able to mobilize the masses to support pure and sick evil, the massacre of over six million people – the holocaust. The word holocaust is Greek, holo means whole and caust means burnt. The holocaust was a vile and horrifying strategy to destroy all the Jews and those not considered perfect or part of the Aryan race, which Hilter himself did not qualify for.

In Rwanda, as Tutsi’s and moderate Hutu’s woke up on that first morning of the genocide in April 1994, they could not have imagined their neighbors would be there, ready to hack them to death. But they were, and it happened. In Kibuye and Bugesera they say blood flowed like a river. The blood of babies, children, mothers and fathers, the elderly. There was no mercy, there was no humanity. Pure and horrifying evil.

I have suffered two racist attacks in my life. I will share those experiences later but what has been most elucidating for me was this – the mood and spirit of the post election violence in Kenya in 2008 bore the same stench of racial hatred I experienced earlier in my life. Essentially racism and tribalism are siblings, children of Hate and Bigotry. They thrive in a community of Ignorance.

If you are embracing hate in your life, hate of any kind, take a moment to look at it carefully and analyze where it is coming from. Then give yourself a gift by letting it go. Just let go. Let it flow away. If you don’t it will eat at you like a cancer.

Choose to focus your life on positive things and you will start to see opportunities everywhere, where instead you previously saw challenges – of course your vision was impaired by the veil of hate, division and self-righteousness.

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5 Comments on "Choosing the Light"

  1. @mtunguyas on twitter says:

    The blog is beyond expectations nice n insightful

  2. JACK GAKENGE says:

    Wow, inspirational stuff. I can only say there are only few ladies like you. Go! You are destined to the stars, and of course to heaven!

  3. SK says:

    And the saddest part about Rwanda is that the hutu and tutsi are one tribe..they speak the same language; the same culture….Just divided selfishly by humans using their physical appearance.

  4. labby M. says:

    Very inspiring!

  5. shazza says:

    Thanks for sharing Julie. Our model should be Jesus and Easter should serve to remind us every year what He did for us on the cross and what we should be aiming for in our behaviour as christians. I pray that our father in heaven will watch over us during elections 2013 and bind those spirits of racism and cover us with His Spirit of peace and unity. God bless you.

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