Talk is Cheap


First they said,

“She is married to a very old man,

A veritable sugar daddy,
What a terrible plan!”

Then they said,
“Oh she’s married to a snipper of a lad,
Shame, she robbed the cradle,
How terrible, how bad!”

Then they said,
“He beats her, she gets a whipping now and then,
How can she put up with it?
She is just a pecked hen!”

Then they said,
“That man, he is kaliwad like mad,
She controls things like a nonsense,
So shocking, so sad!”

It seems they must say something,
There’s always something to be said…
Truth means nothing to them,
But remember, keep your head…

While lies are very hurtful, causing sorrow and pain,
Your victory is that the truth quite a different game.
As you sit back and hear the contorted lies they tell,
Say thank you Lord for giving me a life so sweet and well!

And so ensure your affirmation resides within your soul -
Feeding your focus and passion, making you happy and whole.
For they will not stop the talk, it is what they do best -
But talk is cheap, and this they’ll learn when they face this very test.

Blessings :D

Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist

32 Comments on "Talk is Cheap"

  1. Captain Kipkirui says:

    I thank God for bringing you to this world. You have touched many hearts. never say die

  2. ceccy says:


  3. Joy says:

    Great read Julie… Funny how people are judgemental… Always talking … If only that time was spent cleaning their own personalities – the world would be a better place to have friends.

  4. karanga says:

    The saying goes that the frogs’ eyes cannot stop a cow drinking from the river. The wise men knew how distractions can mess our lives and we are wise to shut our ears to negative talk that does not contribute to our growth into better persons.
    Nice Poem.

  5. Rovina says:

    Be your own affirmation, is the most important piece of advice.

  6. Lebishoi Chelagat says:

    The only reason people talk about you is because they want to be you. What they forget is there will always be one you,you! You are an inspiration to many,Julie. Enough reason to face another ‘ill- talked’ filled day. I celebrate you.

  7. paulyn says:

    hi Julie, how do you balance family , work n fame?

  8. Wanjiru says:

    Am so encouraged…inspite of and despite of i’ll live my life.

  9. kinyua says:

    Well said!

  10. komu says:

    truth never matter to people

  11. Roxthomas says:

    Wanaongea mchana na usiku watalala.So they say.

  12. lolita says:

    I have at least heard the rumour about Julie’s husband being very violent and used to beat her a lot. Waah people must be so idle. Thank you for clarifying that:(

  13. corrine bore says:

    You got a big heart Julie, a strong one indeed and for sure God has always seen you through He will stand in for you at all times His grace is sufficient. God bless you as you bless and touch many souls….you inspire me each day

  14. That’s a good, may be you should join the world of poetry

  15. Kavindu says:

    They have nothing to talk about themselves.,move on ,you are a great Woman/motheer

  16. Angela Hatier says:

    Julie do your thing my sister! I can relate with you in every which way. Like you stated so well talk is cheap. Remember the road to success isn’t easy but you are there; people will say what they need to say but is just that “talk” Keep trucking

  17. cynthia waihiga says:

    so true….talk is cheap

  18. Talk is cheap/the official website

  19. kinyanjui kimani says:

    just be strong Julie, carry on they cant stop talking

  20. nduta mburu says:

    sure Julie. cheap talk is hurtful, painful and causes so much sorrow but we can’t stop pple from talking. The best thing is to ignore them, hold yr head high and walk tall.

  21. S Muigai says:

    It’s really cheap talk. But they won’t stop. What will they do if they stop? That’s their life, one boring life of gossip and CHEAP TALK

  22. Mario Clara says:

    What a wonderful woman.Julie 4sure u av touched lives of many.Let them talk 4 idle minds r devils workshop and they won’t change your stand.

  23. Muthony Duncans says:

    I feel you onthis one, I know how it feels when people spread bad stuff and u just can’t go confirming the truth to everyone.

  24. Winnie says:

    Very true Julie, people always have something to say. CHEAP TALK for sure. I bet its all jealousy and envy. Keep your head high.

  25. Julia says:


    Am so inspired and adviced! These are side shows to derail you from your path. Keep on being FOCUSSED………………. and good luck gal.

  26. Jakkie says:

    At the end of the day, you’re the only one who gets to choose your direction. No wind is favorable to the one with no destination in mind.

  27. Joy says:

    As GossipGirl says, you are nothing until you are talked about.

  28. mboya says:

    Am sorry you to go through all this ridicule. i must say you have a big heart. continue with your good deeds.

  29. carol says:

    people always talk for one reason or the other…… have taught us despite of all these to keep our heads up!

  30. Collins says:

    Nice stuff Julie….I am also into poetry and for sure, a perfect composition you got over there.

  31. Rhoda says:

    Since we can’t stop them the only thing is continue doing the right thing because as it is said you must have something to be talked about… love your words may God bless you gal. love that piece.

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