God Transforms Challenges into Opportunities


I was horrified some months ago to find that there were rumors online and subsequently out in the real world too, alleging that I am a victim of domestic violence. It was perplexing to me that someone could actually sit down and fabricate such a thing and take the time and energy to push such malicious lies… And yet someone did, with plenty of energy and determination. I have no idea what the motivation of this person was but I can tell you this, what goes around always comes around. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

Leaving the matter of retribution in the hands of my Lord, I nevertheless had to deal with intense annoyance and irritation at the whole thing. It was also very hurtful to see my hubby have to suffer the tag of wife beater, when he actually treats me like a flower. It was also upsetting to imagine that girls who look up to me could fall for the whole story, and mistakenly conclude that perhaps being battered is not such a big deal.

Let me be clear. Battering is extreme abuse. It is criminal. No certificate gives anyone the right to do inflict harm on another. It is unacceptable. Period. There are no excuses. I know plenty of single parents bringing up children and I am sure that a child would rather grow up in a safe environment with less privilege and money, than in a wealthy but violent and loveless home. Children need love and stability, the damage inflicted by a violent environment far outweighs other considerations. As for me, I would never accept any form of physical or emotional abuse from anyone. I respect myself and have always expected those around me to do the same. I wish the same for every woman, man and child.

However, after being annoyed for a while I started to see the silver lining… Yes indeed, the silver lining. Because when life hands you lemons, you must simply get into the business of making lemonade. I started to see my blessings even more clearly. I looked at my hubby and appreciated even more the patient, strong and amazing man that he is. He was unshaken, and we resolved to remain positive and focused. I then looked at my potential to address the situation and realized, because it had never affected me directly, the issue of violence in the home was never a priority for me. But now a passion had been stirred by someone who had nothing but bad intentions.

As a result, I am speaking out on this issue more and more, to girls, to women, to boys and to men and I am working on ways to spread the message that peace, respect and love in the home, means peace respect and love in society. Violence and hate in the home means violence and hate in society. We must decide to live our best life and leave a positive legacy. After all, our time on this earth is so short.

Judas may have betrayed Jesus but God used his greed and evil intentions for the greater good. God turns challenge into opportunity, and gives you the chance to turn that opportunity into a blessing – thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to make a difference. Each time you face a challenge, remember to ask yourself where the opportunity lies – i believe that you will find that our awesome Lord will give you the chance to turn it around for the greater good.

I’d love to know, have you ever had a challenge that God changed into an opportunity? If so, please do share your story :)

Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist

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  1. Rodgers Meitekini says:

    And you can preach! Awesome and devotional! May God continue increasing you in all ways!

  2. elnorah mkawaindi says:

    whoa!thats so touching Julie.powerful great woman of GOD.bless u.

  3. Julie you have my prayers,such mortals should not weigh you down.

  4. Peris says:

    At MCN dinner thank you for sharing your life with me. Its not easy being a strategic Christian in this world of today but i am going to use the ugali, beans n bullets strategy. Al keep you posted on how it goes.
    Ave got a good feeling about this strategy.
    Am going to make my own form of honest tea.

  5. Chet says:

    Wow!!! Julie u r all round. I admire u as woman, mother, wife as a professional but above all a God fearing person. Its a blessing to succeed in so many fields.

  6. Margie Muga says:

    This has given me so much perspective :-) God bless you

  7. Isaac is my name and am inspired by the challenged turns and twists that i have had to face since mommy left my elder sister and i at a tender age of five.Life turned hash and dark!As a child mommy was my Shero,from the farms both in Nyari estate in Nairobi and Gachie in Kiambu she tirelessly toiled to make life better and worth it.Sent to school at young age life was promising from a humble beginning but the unfortunate death of mommy made life dire.Nevertheless God still manifested His love,grace,care and power amid adverse challenges.My dad married another woman who frustrated,beat and denied my sister and i food that my dad brought,i cried,”Go to your mother!” she yelled at me.A smart and intelligent boy that i was i was traumatized,i thought hard as a result this affected my studies a great deal to a point my wonderful teacher complained to my dad that i was suffering since she knew i was capable and related with my story.
    Through out God held me and embrassed me when i was embarrassed,i cleared my basic primary education and i proceeded to high school whereby more challenges awaited me.During my high school,i had to be away from my dad as well his agonizing wife.I worked around Gigiri and UNEP area beside the American Embassy at a restaurant where visitors visiting US Embassy dined as well workers around the diplomatic area.It happened that God granted me favor in the eyes of the restaurant’s owner,he liked me most importantly,he trusted me.The amazing man illiterate but equally wise and gifted,to handle customers who only spoke in English he had to use my humble self and everything happened great,since i was the youngest in the restaurant and worked diligently with passion the customers,workers and my so boss liked me alot.I had enough meal and got the day’s little pay i walked kilometers away to save for school,books and uniform.Through sheer toil i cleared my high school education,i lived with foster families it wasn’t easy but i loved,practiced trust and respected all both good and bad.
    Went on immediately and did a quick course,as i commenced teaching my south Sudanese families and friends around the estate as well at home where we lived together as family from 2009.I took them to school.In 2011 i made a board move and left for south sudan in pursuit for the purpose to give knowledge not much i had but the little that i had acquired,this happened barely three months after the long awaited independence of south sudan,a risk it was but i had to. I reached out to both young and old to teach,went to hospitals and volunteered in orphanages.All this have been personal initiative in a war torn country i experienced a great and different perspective of God who protects,provided,projects and promotes in the hashiest place i have been.The recent civil was of 2013/14 till todate got me in capital’s Juba in the dangerous zone where the war broke and thousands of people died but God saved my life,i was stopped by solders royal to the president at the general’s premises who had defected the government where i taught the family but God grant me a super weapon called wisdom that God used to spare my life due to the nature of work he had commissioned me to accomplish in south sudan,empowering the people as well the solders through education.
    Through my work and devotion,happened to meet lots of important personalities from around the world in south sudan,met a potential host from the United states who loved my work,met Americans among the US ambassador to south sudan,connected to the government as well.
    By giving whats delayed to me through challenging circumstances God is opening an opportunity to study and unleash my potential in the united states,now on pursuing it on,i believe that greatness lies not in what we receive or acquire in life but rather in what we give as we are,this am doing to my very best,am fighting to create

    • ..am fighting to create a a better World,to be a better person,to hold others hands as i colour lives and souls,am sure God is at work coloring mine as well,i shan’t fade away as i color others.I believe in the epithet”I can do all things though Christ who gives me strength”-Phillipians 4:13,’No limit not the sky!’
      Mom Julie,i take this golden opportunity to thank God for you,the blessing,the inspiration,the hope,the motivation you are to me at a far for many years now till todate.I have followed you all this time and am brave so confident to fight on,rise to the occasion and happen in the now 2017 yearn to pioneer.
      kindly you may reach me via kenyan cell:+254721162815
      Thanks and God bless you abundantly.

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