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    Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God*
    *TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist
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  • Julie Gichuru
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About Julie

Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God
TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist


J ulie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru is a Kenyan Entrepreneur and Media Personality with investments in media, fashion retail and entertainment sectors. She is an Independent Director at Acumen Communication Limited and is a Fellow and trustee of the Africa Leadership Initiative EA.


J ulie conceptualized and hosts the Africa Leadership Dialogues, a syndicated current affairs program with a focus on African development and growth. she is also a TV Host with East Africa's leading broadcaster Citizen TV. Her prime time news and current affairs show Sunday Live with Julie Gichuru airs weekly.

Julie’s career in the media spans over the past 15 years and has seen her work across the fields of broadcast, print and digital media. Julie has also pioneered an impressive number of television shows, from the first Kenyan investigative TV series, The Inside Story on Kenya Television Network to various current affairs shows at NTV (Kenya) including political and current affairs programs Showdown, On the Spot, You The Jury and The People’s Voice, and the celebrated news program Sunday Live and peace and reconciliation program Fist to Five at Citizen TV. Also included in this list is the celebrated post election peace specials Voices of Reason. Through ARIMUS Media Limited Julie now oversees the production of quality African content such as Africa Leadership Dialogues, the High School debate platform Great Debaters Contest and entertainment series such as Maisha, Glam show, Trading bell, The code, shindawashinde to mention just a few.

The Foundation

T he Footprints Africa Foundation has been established by Anthony and Julie Gichuru to help empower and grow healthy, dignified and informed societies in the region. FAF supports the Great Debaters Contest and the Africa Leadership Dialogues, both platforms for discussion and exchange of ideas on African challenges and opportunities. These forums are now televised for impact across millions of households. FAF also supports the Natembea Campaign launched by a youth group called the Gisma Group. This campaign empowers people with health and hygiene information and delivers shoes to schools in highly disadvantaged areas. The Natembea Campaign has impacted positively on the lives of thousands of children across Kenya. FAF believes in giving people a chance to make a mark, to leave a footprint of positivity on the world. Website: www.footprintafrica.org


J ulie is passionate about family, she is married to entrepreneur Anthony Gichuru. They have had 5 children. "Above all we have a responsibility to nurture and grow the younger generation and our primary role is vested in the family unit." Having had five children Julie is also passionate about maternal healthcare and is an ambassador of the AMREF Stand Up for African Mothers campaign which seeks to train over 15,000 midwives across East Africa. Read more here www.standupforafricanmothers.com
Julie has also been a UNICEF Ambassador for breast feeding.


  • One of our greatest responsibilities is to mentor and teach generations that follow us. ~ Julie Gichuru

Julie's Earlier Life

School and Work

J ulie started off her education at St Christophers School in Nairobi and at the age of eight attended the Green Herald in Bangladesh where her father was posted for military training. On returning to Kenya Julie spent a term at Karen C school based in Karen before transferring to Loreto Convent Msongari in Standard Four. In Form 2 Julie convinced her parents to transfer her from the local 8-4-4 system to a GCE boarding school and she joined Imani School in Thika for Form 3 and 4. After this she spent two Semesters at USIU before transferring to UK where she did a one year pre-University Course at Warwick University. Julie then accepted a place at the University of Wales, Cardiff for her Law Degree. Once complete she worked for a year to help finance her Masters degree and completed her Masters in Business Administration at the same University. For a brief period Julie did her pupillage at Hamilton, Harrison & Matthews Advocates in Nairobi before pursuing a different career path in the media.


  • One of our greatest responsibilities is to mentor and teach generations that follow us. ~ Julie Gichuru

Awards and Fellowships

Julie has numerous awards and fellowships including the following:

Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness

She is the first African woman to receive the Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness for advocacy of non violence following the 2007 election in Kenya.

Africa Leadership Initiative

She is a Fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative.

Aspen Global Leadership Network

She is a fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Young Lobal Leader

Julie was declared a Young Lobal Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010.

Order of the Golden Warrior

She was awarded the Order of the Golden Warrior for her contribution towards nation building by President Mwai Kibaki in 2011.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Program

Julie is a Fellow of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Program otherwise known as Tutu's Children.

Top 20 Young Power Women in Africa

Julie has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 20 Young Power Women in Africa.

60 Most Influential African Women in the World

Recently Julie was recognized in the WIE list of 60 most influential African women in the world.

Julie's Initiatives

Here are some of Julie's initiatives;
Julie Gichuru


Arimus Media is an interactive production group consisting of creatives, developers, digital producers, film producers and directors and crew. They create unique productions of full-fledged features, documentaries, commercials, community service responsibility (CSR) coverage, events, music, plays and soaps and corporate video profiles for various companies and organizations.

Website: www.arimusmedia.co.ke

Julie Gichuru


The Great Debaters Contest (GDC) is an initiative of Jamhuri Peace Foundation and the Footprints Africa Foundation that focuses on providing a platform for young people to actively question, deliberate, share information, lobby and contribute in making Africa a better continent to live in. GDC is currently working with over 100 secondary schools in Kenya. The project mainly targets high school students, age 14-18 years.

Website: www.greatdebaterscontest.com

Julie Gichuru


The Africa Leadership Dialogues is a pan African television show that engages with leaders in public and private sectors with a view to analyzing the state of the African continent and the way forward. Conceptualized and hosted by Julie Gichuru this highly interactive show takes the discussion across the continent through social media where Africans get to share their views.

Julie Gichuru


MIMI collection is an online shopping store that seeks and stocks various styles and trends to suit different needs and preferences. From formal classics and sophisticated clothing, to youthful and trendy looks, MIMI offers great quality merchandise at excellent value.

Website: www.mimi.co.ke

Julie Gichuru


Footprints Africa Foundation believes that every human being has potential to shape their desired future. FAF currently supports the Great Debaters Contest & Africa Leadership Dialogues, as well as the Natembea Campaign which takes shoes and healthcare information to children in less advantaged schools. FAF offers several scholarships annually and is in the process of launching several competitions across schools and universities in East Africa.

Website: www.footprintafrica.org

Julie Gichuru


Natembea Campaign is a project focused on raising awareness on the importance of footwear and good hygiene practices. Many children in Africa grow up barefoot oblivious of the dangers around them, but with a helping hand we can make a difference. Shoes are essential as they protect the feet from cuts, sores and infections, and they are also important as they provide human dignity. The Natembea Campaign is on a mission to ensure that every child in Africa has access to a decent pair of shoes.

Website: www.gismagroup.org

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