Ludicrous Ridicule aka Heavens Kiss


Ludicrous Ridicule aka Heavens Kiss

By Julie Gichuru

They thought they could abuse you,
They thought they’d take you down,
They didn’t realize each insult,
Was a thorn for a blessed crown.

He was despised and rejected;
Forsaken, and in grief,
Yet He’s the Lord and Saviour
Who washed His followers feet.

Humility & virtue,
And deep enduring love-
For God held him together;
From the fray, kept Him above.

Your pain is therefore treasure,
You walk the very same path
That He endured and never
Turned to the state of wrath.

They’ve called me many things
Some of which my heart embraced,
They hissed ‘Grandma’ and I was stunned,
For tis such a blessed state!

Did they think I’d be offended,
At the thought that I could be…
A grandmother of many,
With a blessed progeny?

It is in fact a blessing
To live so many years,
That you sit with your progeny,
And share their hopes & fears.

They called me a tribalist; me?
Really, such a cheek!
I’ve no time for human boxes,
Tis character I seek.

They attacked my Asian heritage
‘Pakistani woman’ they hissed at me!
I’m the child of an Afr-Asian marriage,
This blood runs deep, indeed!

My soul, like the African Savanah
Roams far and wild and free;
My blood’s like the Asian tiger
Fiery & passionate for all to see…

Like Malala – strong in grace;
Strengthened by her scars;
Beautiful, focused & clear,
As she reaches for the stars.

So don’t let them get you down,
You were created for big things!
In His image you were carved,
Your must fly on those great wings!

Embrace productive thinking,
Stare your mirror in the face,
Pledge with each whip to do great good;
He walked your path, He’s got your case!

And so do think on this,
When they try to steal your bliss,
What they call you is your blessing,
Each stone they fling is Heavens kiss!

Love, light & blessings :D

Afro-optimist * Wife * Mother * Child of God TV Host * Writer * Producer * Entrepreneur * Philanthropist

9 Comments on "Ludicrous Ridicule aka Heavens Kiss"

  1. Kevin Cklax says:

    Always inspiring!
    It is all the hardship that we go through that make us better, that motivates us, that gives us a reason to beat all the odds and emerge victorious. Lets always have in mind that whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!!

    Thanks Julie!

  2. joan says:

    This is the first time I av read your blog and I am so inspired.You are a blessing to this generation.May God continue to bless you

  3. Benson says:

    Wow! I never knew Julie could write a poem. Awesome. Indeed we should embrace productive thinking.

  4. Brenda says:

    Keep shining girl,for the sake of we who look up to you…love your work. :-)

  5. vinnih says:

    i feel the weight of every word: my source of aspiration,keep talking mum!!

  6. mmmm…such an inspiration! Our Lord went through the same, why would we expect to be different?

  7. Grace Wanjiru says:

    amazing.we learn to know what awaits ahead and how to deal with it when it reoccurs.

  8. kensam kingangi says:

    truly wise words.i am inspired.

  9. cynthia juma says:

    I”ve read this after watching your upbringing story and it’s awesome

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