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Kenya Kwanza


It had been a fairly quiet morning, an excellent setting for intense work on my MBA thesis titled The Crippling Burden of Sovereign Debt. As I always did when working or studying, I had the television on with the volume turned down slightly. Sitting on the living room carpet, legs crossed, surrounded by numerous open books and reports, my research papers all over the place and with a strong, sweet mug of piping hot black coffee in my hand I heard the Continue reading →

Choosing the Light


Easter is an important time to take stock of our lives, our values and our purpose. For me Easter is a particularly powerful time as I reflect on the suffering of my Lord Jesus Christ, and His great sacrifice to wipe away our sins. I think about the people who scorned and rejected Him, the people who crucified Him. They must have been filled with such hate.

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Beyond Expectations


I have known Njenga Karume for a long time – as a matter of fact, since I was a child. My mother was his secretary for many years. Often, when at his Cianda House office in town, I would marvel at the numbers of people that would gather to see him. All kinds of people, a veritable hotpot, a mixture of tribes, races and ages with a myriad of issues.

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