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Awesome Kenyans: The Artist

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I had the honor and privilege to go to school with amazingly talented people. We all experience that blessing as amongst us all are very gifted people, who often just need encouragement to nurture and grow their talent. Continue reading →

Asked and Not Answered


When I was a little girl I would pray fervently, as I still do today. As early as I can recall (and I have some pretty early memories going as far back as 3 years of age) I loved God deeply… And I knew he loved me too.

I grew up a Catholic and my family worshipped at Holy Family Basilica, smack in the middle of the Nairobi CBD. I was in awe of the Church and loved Sunday service. But every Sunday I would watch and then pray, even more fervently, about two particular things…

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Learning from Pushie…


It is late at night and I simply can’t sleep. At times like this, with the kids and hubby in dreamland and me all alone with my thoughts, I can’t help but look back at my early days… at the times that shaped me… the people who helped shape me… and tonight I am thinking about Pushie.

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