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Secrets of Success I: Cutting the Cord

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Birds of a feather flock together, this old adage was drummed into me by my parents when I was a teenager to emphasize the fact that I needed to surround myself with hard working, determined, focused and accomplished people as that is what I sought to be. The truth is, this applies to everyone who seeks success, irrespective of age. For instance, the insight and knowledge I gain from being an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow is priceless and all my colleagues from across Africa have enriched my understanding of the continent and it’s challenges way beyond my expectations. I am so thankful to all those in my life who add knowledge to me, to those who challenge and stretch me, indeed they become a critical part of the journey towards achievement, or what some would call success. Continue reading →

Of Common Men and Superheroes


There is a magic in the story of the superhero who takes on the great and torturous responsibility of defending good and fighting evil. From Superman, Spiderman and Batman to Wonder-woman, Dr Jean Gray and Susan Storm,  for decades I have been entertained and inspired by fantastic, heart-thumping, tearjerking and inspirational tales.

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